About Us

Based in Singapore, 2IslandDog was founded in 2004. We are an on-line shop that cater for all dogs and people alike. Comfortable, durable and high fashion are the motto of our shop. All of our proudcts are carefully selected by us, and we are always on the track looking for new products that will enriched the living of our dogs, not to forget special gifts for people too. We offer fine quality products which are functional and stylish. 2IslandDog is your source for design sarvy pets and their people. Together, with hands and paws, we believe that 'Dogs too, can live in style'.

About Hugo,Cookie & Kitty

Who is Hugo, Cookie & Kitty? Well, we are the most pampared dogs & cat, just know as much as what our fellow frenz love about. We are the inspiration and the main force of the company. After all, if we can't tell you whether or not a product is suitable, interesting, or durable, than who do you suppose can?

(Hugo and Cookie have crossed the rainbow bridge in 2013/14. Their good natured spirit will always be with us.)


Name Hugo
Born 25 March 1998
Breed Golden Retriever
Colour Golden
Temperament Gentle, loves to be in the company of people. And very inquisitive, like Sherlock Holmes, would sniff around, to find out if any of the dog friends have been out in the garden before him or hoping to jump a surprise at the chameleon friend on the tree.
His Favorite Things are Love swimming and taking walks in the garden. The favourite time is when gentle breeze brushing on the face, with the warm sun on the back. Enjoys fun activities of fetching, balancing a treat on the nose and playing hide and seek.
Name Cookie
Born 5 February 2002
Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Colour Blenheim
Temperament Sweet, gay and friendly. Will bark when someone comes to the door or any loud noises outside. But once a visitor is inside, that person is assumed to be a friend and will receive an enthusiastic welcome. A fussy eater: love apple, cheese and meat. Not too fond of swimming.
His Favorite Things are Go to the Park, playing with ball, running, making new friends, car ride, sleeping under the bed.
Name Kitty
Born Unknown
Breed Ragdoll
Colour Lynx point
Temperament Gentle, quiet and serene. He is sweet-natured, nonagressive and laid-back. Moderately active and playful, he prefer interactive play with his favorite human. Like to follow his owner from room to room, just to oversee the goings-on.
His Favorite Things are Playing, chasing and doing wrestling with Cookie. Like to nap near his owner. Dislike bathing and cutting nails. Afraid of outdoor.